2 Days in Cairo

In the city where ancient meets modern, there is a never-ending list of sights to see and things to do. From ticking off bucket-list items, to delving deep into Coptic Cairo and checking out some of the world’s best shopping malls, there’s something for everyone. Even with only a couple days, there are a plethora of ways to soak up both the modern and traditional sides of the capital. We have created a an itinerary to help you decide how to spend 2 days in Cairo. This itinerary gives you the perfect introduction to the city and help you make the most of your short stay.

Day 1


Rise early, because Cairo has a show to put on! It’s time to head out for a traditional Egyptian breakfast at the beloved Oldish in Downtown. Serving up a wide variety of Egyptian classics, the breakfast menu is bound to keep you full all day.

2 days in cairo pyramids

After you’ve had your fill of ful, head to the dazzling Giza plateau to begin your day. Standing bold amongst the striking yellow dunes, the pyramid complex is home to Khufu pyramid, the only surviving ancient wonder of the world. To get there, opt for an Uber or personal driver as the traffic is mind blowing – and not in a good way. Alternatively, join a tour to the Pyramids. Make sure you pack a hat, wear comfortable shoes, and arrive early or mid-morning to beat the long lines and the heat.


After a huge morning of sightseeing, your appetite is likely growing by the minute. For a relaxing afternoon, head back toward Downtown where the food is delectable, local, and good value. Try a koshari, Egypt’s national dish, at the renowned Abou Tarek before heading down to the banks of the Nile for an afternoon stroll. Always bustling with coffee carts, joggers, and families, the bank of the Nile is a great place to unwind after a tiring day.

Just before sunset, head east to Bab Zuweila, one of the three remaining gates in the walls of the Old City of Cairo. The remains tower over the city, showing off a completely different world to the Cairo of below. Dating back to 1087, this is one of Cairo’s hidden gems, so don’t skip it during your 2 days in Cairo.


It’s time to delve even deeper into the magic of Cairo. Head to Khan  el-Khalili market, a vibrant, traditional souk that will be your portal into the ancient world. The market has been open since 1382 and attracts locals and foreigners alike with its winding alleyways and charming architecture. It’s famous for a huge range of goods, including glassware and artisan products. Shoppers take note: leave your entire evening free for a trip back in time!

Day 2


It’s time to soak up Cairo’s morning rays, beginning with a peaceful walk around Coptic Cairo. Famous for sites like the Saladin Citadel, Babylon Fortress, and The Hanging Church, the area is part of Old Cairo. It’s believed to have been visited by the holy family long ago, with some buildings having history dating back to the 6th century BC. The gorgeous warm palettes and fascinating history make this a must-see while in Cairo.


To soak up the heart of Cairo, head to Quay Lounge for a delightful afternoon of relaxing over some of the city’s best food. Offering views over the Nile and serving up some of Cairo’s best Egyptian coffee, the menu ranges from Italian fare to Middle Eastern cuisine.

egyptian museum antiquities

History buffs, get ready! With a full stomach, make your way to The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities. Showcasing over 100,000 relics, it’s without a doubt the biggest and best museum in Cairo. Home to famous relics ranging from Tutankhamun’s mummy to impressive hieroglyphics, it’s the perfect way to spend your last afternoon in Cairo.


Tonight, you’ll fall in love with the Nile by taking a felucca ride. With a plethora of options ranging from budget to luxury, rides usually include a delicious buffet dinner in the price and some form of onboard entertainment. As one of the most unique ways to experience authentic Egypt, it’s the perfect way to round up a wonderful 2 days in Cairo.

nile cruise boat

With only 2 days to spare, make sure to book central accommodation so you don’t waste any time in traffic. Opt for Downtown, Zamalek, or Old Cairo for an ideal stay. Or, alternatively, choose a 2 day package tour in Cairo, where we’ll take care of the itinerary and your hotel stay. All you need to plan is your sense of adventure.

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