How to Get from Cairo to Luxor

There are a number of ways of getting to Luxor from Cairo including flights, buses, taxis, and even a Nile River cruise. The distance between these two cities is nearly 660 kilometers (410 miles) and the duration of your journey will depend on which mode of transportation you opt for. Though road-tripping or boarding a train are common options, they are time-consuming, so flying is the quickest route. However, if there are cities along Central Egypt you’d like to see, read on to find out which option effectively works for you.

Best Way to Get from Cairo to Luxor: Join a Tour

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Joining one of our organized tours not only cuts your planning and prep time, but also saves you the hassle of booking several separate excursions. On our 7 Day Cairo, Aswan and Luxor Package, you will take a luxurious train ride to Luxor from Cairo and stop at unforgettable attractions along the way. See Giza’s pyramids and Aswan’s incredible sites before reaching Luxor. Alternatively, our Luxor and Cairo 2 Day Tour will first show you Luxor’s many attractions and then transport you to Cairo. Adding this tour to the end of your Egypt vacation works best if your homebound flights depart from Cairo.

How to Get from Cairo to Luxor by Bus

Busing to Luxor from Cairo is a nice option for those wanting to save money, but be aware that the ride will take you about 9-10 hours. While buses run daily – both inter-city and direct shuttles – and are relatively cheap, (starting at $15), Egypt’s busy and unpredictable roads should be taken into account.

How to Get from Cairo to Luxor by Train

Another budget-friendly – and more comfortable – option is taking the train to Luxor. Though the journey is roughly 9 hours from Cairo, you’re guaranteed a more efficient route as you won’t be stuck on the busy roads. You’ll also admire great landscape views and the Nile River along the way. Trains function under the Egyptian National Railways and depart from Cairo’s Ramses Station, arriving in Luxor Railway Station in less than 10 hours. Overnight sleeper cars are available for a more comfortable transfer.

How to Get from Cairo to Luxor by Car

Taxis and car rentals are definitely available in Cairo, but the trip can present many unforeseen complications. Be wary of hectic traffic and congested roads. Also note that road rules and driving culture in general will be very different than what you’re used to. Take precautions, expect lots of delays, as well as bumper-to-bumper traffic. Familiarizing yourself with local road laws – both written and unwritten – are a safe bet. Check out our full guide to keeping safe in Egypt for more tips.

How to Get from Cairo to Luxor by Air

Flights are the fastest way to reach Luxor and can save you loads of time, however might be pricey. You can directly fly from Cairo International Airport with many airlines, including the country’s most popular, EgyptAir. Your flight will take just about an hour, but can cost you several hundred dollars. Some tourists opt for flying to Aswan from Cairo and sailing down the Nile to Luxor after.

How to Get from Cairo to Luxor by Cruise

A unique way to get to Luxor is via Nile River cruise, which offers you a relaxing, slow-paced, and scenic mode of travel. Most people fly to Aswan from Cairo, do some sightseeing, and catch a cruise to Luxor shortly after. The total amount of time averages to 3 days, depending on the cruise’s schedule. Sailing down the Nile directly from Cairo is available as well, but only if you book privately, which is costly and can take up to a week or longer to reach your destination.

So What’s the Best Way to Get from Cairo to Luxor?

From the many choices offered – buses, trains, planes, and Nile River cruise – the best option from Cairo to Luxor is via organized tour. This ends up saving you time and money in the long-run as all the planning and hassle is done by our team of experts. Flights are costly, buses take an exceptional amount of time, and while the cruise is enjoyable, the transfer in Aswan can be exhausting. You’ll want to see all there is to see in Luxor and enjoy a day tour of its ancient wonders. With us, you’ll experience the best service, explore brilliant destinations, and leave with unforgettable memories.

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