How to Get from Cairo to Sinai

Reach the enchanting terrain of Sinai from Cairo with several travel options. Buses and taxis go directly from Egypt’s capital city to Sinai, and though there are no immediate train routes, multi-city alternatives are available. Depending on your preferred mode of transportation, the duration of travel time can vary. Overall, the distance between Cairo and Sinai is 500 kilometers (310 miles) and can roughly take 6-7 hours on the road. Flights are a convenient way to get to the “Land of Turquoise” – as Sinai is aptly named – but are certainly pricier. An organized tour is the option, as it saves money, several hours of solo planning, and scheduling.

Best Way to Get from Cairo to Sinai: Join a Tour

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Our Sinai tours are the best way to see the gorgeous beaches of the Sinai peninsula, situated near Israel, making it the perfect destination for a cross-country trip.

How to Get from Cairo to Sinai by Bus

Busing to Sinai from Cairo may be budget-friendly, but it’s important to remember that it can take 7 hours or more depending on traffic. Buses run daily, including both inter-city and direct shuttles, with fares starting at around $10. However, it bears repeating that Egypt’s roads are unpredictable, and some areas – in Sinai particularly – may have security restrictions. It’s always a safe bet to check the latest news in the area and plan your route accordingly.

How to Get from Cairo to Sinai by Car

Rental cars and taxis are readily available in Cairo, offering a more leisurely mode of getting to Sinai. This may provide tourists with the freedom to drive down to Sinai at your own pace, but be wary of local road rules and possible restricted zones – be sure to check with local news and plan your route accordingly. Congested traffic and driving culture are also important factors to consider as Cairo’s busy streets alone can be unpredictable. An average drive can take anywhere from 6 to 8 hours depending on road conditions.

How to Get from Cairo to Sinai by Air

Flights from Cairo to Sinai are fastest and eliminate most of the hassle, but they are certainly the priciest option. EgyptAir, and less-popular airlines like Nesma or Air Sinai, offer flight routes from Cairo to Sinai. Some of these include mini transfers so book accordingly. During peak tourist seasons, (December-February), plan ahead of time to ensure flight availability.

So What’s the Best Route from Cairo to Sinai?

Finding the best way to reach Sinai from Cairo involves heavy research and a lot of planning. The ideal choice is to go with one of our Sinai tours, combining adventure, sightseeing, and comfortable transportation all in one. There are however bus, air, and time-consuming railway options available in case you want to explore Egypt on your own.

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