Things to Do in Egypt in October 2023

During October in Egypt, there are loads of fantastic opportunities for exploration, even though temperatures may still be on the warmer side. As you plan your journey, it’s essential to prepare and organize everything in advance to ensure a safe, thrilling, and adventurous trip. This is the best time to uncover ancient marvels and soak in awe-inspiring vistas. You can take comfort in knowing that it isn’t peak season yet, making it a great time to see Egypt’s best attractions with fewer crowds.

What’s the Weather Like in Egypt in October?

In October in Egypt, temperatures are typically more comfortable for travelers than in previous months. In Cairo, expect daytime highs ranging from 79°F to 90°F (26°C to 32°C). Luxor and Aswan, renowned for their ancient wonders, experience even warmer temperatures, with daytime highs averaging between 88°F and 100°F (31°C to 38°C). The coastal city of Alexandria offers milder conditions, with daytime temperatures ranging from 73°F to 82°F (23°C to 28°C). Lastly, Sharm El Sheikh, a popular resort destination on the Red Sea, enjoys warm and pleasant weather in October, with weather conditions beginning from 81°F to 92°F (27°C to 33°C), making it an excellent choice for diving, snorkeling, and beach enthusiasts.

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Our Top Pick for What to Do in October in Egypt

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For October in Egypt, our team of experts highly recommends you take our Best of ancient Cairo day tour, ensuring a captivating journey of Egypt’s hidden gems and ancient treasures. Begin by visiting the Pyramids of Giza and the Valley Temple. Make a stop at the City of the Dead, entering one of the tombs of the nobles in Saqqara, where you will see many depictions of daily life in Egypt painted on the walls in brilliant colors. Weather conditions may be hot, so be sure to wear loose clothing and pack sunscreen. After a delicious and authentic Egyptian lunch at a local restaurant, you’ll make your way to Memphis for the last part of your tour.

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