Private Tours in Egypt

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Private Tours in Egypt

Our Private Tours in Egypt offer you the flexibility to create the perfect experience for you. Whether it’s a day tour in Cairo, a unique Egyptian cooking workshop in the Sinai Desert, a fun family day out in Luxor, a fully planned 10-day Egypt itinerary including hotels, guides, and every other detail, or anything in-between, we are here to make it happen. You can explore all our pre-planned private tour experiences, or contact us and work with one of our Egypt travel experts to craft a unique itinerary for you and your travel companions. Our Private Tours in Egypt allow you to design the ideal itinerary that suits your needs and makes the most of your time, tailored to your group’s preferences. 

Whether you want to maximize one free day, build a pilgrimage package, or design a customized group tour, our team of travel advisors, licensed guides, experienced drivers, and operations team will collaborate to create a tour that meets your needs. Our private tours team believes that “impossible is nothing,” and they will do everything possible to ensure that your private tour gives you the Egypt vacation of your dreams.

A Private Tour based on a Regular Tour or Prepared Itinerary

All our regular tours are also offered as a private experience, as well as over 100 other itineraries for 1-day and multi-day tours. Simply find the tour you'd like and book online. Of course, we're here to help with any questions.

  • Quick and easy online booking
  • Clear and transparent pricing
  • The most popular tried-and-tested itineraries to the best places in Egypt
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Custom Private Tour

Whether you are planning an Ancient Egypt history trip, a dream family vacation through the desert, or something totally unique, we are experts in crafting the perfect itinerary that'll provide you with life-long memories. Send a request (below)

  • Fully customized itineraries
  • Suitable for groups of all sizes and trip styles (families, religious, historic, honeymoon, adventure, educational)
  • Anything is possible including transport, accommodation, guiding, logistics, and other services
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